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IPCentx 6850 (IP Centrex Application)

The first ready to run enhanced service application, IP Centrex 6850, is based on powerful W SIPivr 6800 to provide the customer a quick time to market and easy to customize their needsíŽ solution. With built-in pre-designed Auto Attendant, Voice Mail, Coloring Ring Back Tone and Announcement service, IP Centrex 6850 fulfils the requirements of service provider.

Key Features

  • Based on SIPIVR 6800
  • Auto-attendant
    *Time-based Greeting (3 segments)
    *Multi-languages Support (Built-in Mandarin and English)
    *Special Greeting
    *Customizable Greeting
    *Customizable Call Flow
  • Voice Mail System
    *Customizable Personal Greeting
    *Distinct Busy or no Answer Voice Mail Process
    *Up-to 20 voice messages per mail box
    *Multi-language (Mandarin and English TTS are included)
    *Subscriber based Keeping Days
    *IVR and Web Voice Mail Access
    *Email Forward(by Attachment or HyperLink)
    *Customizable Call Flow
  • Color Ring Back Tone
    *Caller based & default CRBT
    *Up-to 10 caller setting per subscriber
    *Upload audio file by System Administrator or Subscriber
  • Announcement
    *Full Integrated with WellSIP 6500
    *Reason-Code Mapped Announcement
  • System Administrator Management
    *System User Login
    *Company & Subscriber Management
    *CRBT Library Management.
  • Company Administrator Management
    *Company Administrator Login
    *Company Profile Management.
    *Company owned Subscriber Management.
  • Subscriber Management
    *Subscriber login
    *Voice messages retrieve and forward
    *Personal CRBT management
  • Support Message Waiting Indication Service
  • Fully Web Management Interface
  • HTTP SSL Support
  • Provide CDR/Daily Statistic/Monthly Statistic Report
  • Physical Dimension
    *19" Rack Mount 2U
  • Processor and Storage
    *CPU: Intel P4 2.4GHz
    *RAM: 1G Bytes
    *HD: SATA 120G Bytes * 3 (RAID 5)
  • System Capacity
    *Max 10,000 subscribers.
    *30/120 channels.