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WellBilling 6600
WellSIP 6500


WellRTP 5100
WellBG 5800
WellRec 5600
SIPivr 6800
WellXfer 6300
WellGate 5250
Pro 9500


With our Voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology, W seamlessly integrates the best of local and long-distance telecommunications to meet ITSP/ISP requirements. W ITSP/ISP solution provides customer with unbeatable cost-savings, ease-of-use and a superb sound quality that customer expect from a local telephone provider. W also offer customer the forward-thinking VoIP telephony features that fit customer mobile lifestyle as their international calling need evolve.

Equipment List for ITSP/ISP

The W ITSP/ISP solution includes:

1. WellBilling 6600 server : Provide Pre-Paid and Post-Paid for IP to
IP and IP to PSTN call. Support RADIUS with AAA.
2. WellSIP 6500 SIP Proxy Server : SIP Proxy handle IP to IP and IP to PSTN telephone call.
3. WellRTP 5100 RTP Resource Server: Provide RTP Resource pass through for NAT Traversal function.
4. WellBG 5800: Session Border Controller.
5. WellRec 5600 IP Recorder : Provide both ways IP Recorder for IP to IP and IP to PSTN calls.
6. SIPivr 6800 Application Server : Provide IP based IVR for service application.
7. IP Centrex 6850 : Provide Voice Mail, Auto-Attendant and color Ring back tone.
8. WellXfer 6300: Conference Server.
9. WellGate 5250 T1/E1 Gateway : Provide T1/E1 to connect to PSTN network for IP to PSTN call. Provide ISDN PRI, R2 and SS7 signal.
10. Pro 9500: Element Provisional Server

Device for end users
CPE side device for PC users:

1. W Softphone
2. W K-1000 USB phone

CPE side device for SOHO, Enterprise users:

1. LAN Phone 201, LAN Phone 302 or
2. ATA-151 or
3. WellGate 3502, 3502A, 3504A or
4. IAD 161, 162

The detailed specification of above CPE side devices please reference each product catalogue in web.