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Telephony SIP Proxy
Untitled Document Introduction

The W Telephony SIP Proxy WellSIP 6500 provides a comprehensive, powerful platform for delivering IP telephony applications based on the Session
Initiation Protocol (SIP). It offers call-control features to enable service providers to quickly and reliably deploy next generation packet-voice networks.

Multiple Advantages

  • Real-Time Call Routing Capabilities
    Call Routing is central to the WellSIP 6500¡¦ s role in a SIP network. The WellSIP 6500, in combination with W Total SIP solution, enables the deployment of SIP networks.

  • Improves Operations
    Based on customer-oriented design, the WellSIP 6500 is easy to installation and management for customer. The WellSIP 6500 also allows multiple W Telephony Proxy servers to work together and share information.

  • Auto NAT Traversal
    Due to the lack of IPV4 address, a lot of customer is using NAT for their network. WellSIP 6500 provides a feature to automatically traverse NAT user¡¦s signaling and voice. The customer has no impact no matter them sitting on a public or private network.

  • Enables Enhanced Service
    The WellSIP 6500 provides build-in rich set of enhanced services, such as call forward, transfer, screening ¡Ketc. It enables the service provider quick time to market to delivery their service to their customers. Also the new enhanced service can be easily deployed based the SIP protocol.
  • High Availability
    The WellSIP 6500 provides build-in rich set of enhanced services, such as call forward, transfer, screening...etc. It enables the service provider quick time to market to delivery their service to their customers. Also the new enhanced service can be easily deployed based the SIP protocol.
  • Provides VoIP Total SIP Solution to Customer
    W provides total SIP solution to our customers. From small voice gateway with FXS and FXO interface, IP phone to E1/T1 Trunk Gateway and SIP Proxy server, are popular in the market now. This fact ensures for interoperability of all SIP devices in customer¡¦s network. And we also provide H.323 to SIP signal conversion to help customer easy to migration from H.323 network.


    Physical Dimensions
    • 483mm(W) x 450mm(D) x 44mm(H)
    • Weight: 6.92Kg
    • Industrial rack mounted
    • Color: black
    • CE
    • FCC
    Power/ Environmental
    • Power 90~240V auto switch
    • Operating temperature 0~60°C
    • Relative humidity 5%~95%
    Processors & Storage
    • Intel Pentium 4
    • Windows XP Embedded
    • 1024 MB RAM
    • 512 MB DOM
    • Upgradeable OS
    • Upgradeable AP Image
    Front Panel Display
    • Power LED
    • Dom Access LED
    • System Ready LED
    • LCD Status
    LAN Interface
    • 10/100/1000 Base Ethernet x 2
    • SIP service & management IP address
    Standard Protocol Support
    • RFC 3261
    • RFC 2976
    • RFC 3262
    • RFC 2327
    • RFC 2833
    • RFC 3581
    • RFC 3264
    • RFC 3265
    • draft-ietf-sip-cc-transfer-05
    • Support SIP UDP
    • Support SIP URI
    • Programmable SIP Service Port
    SIP Registrar
    • Dynamic Register
    • Predefine User (up to 2 URI)
    • Predefine NAT User
    • MD5 Registrar Authentication 
    • Register Type Selection
    • Register to External Softswitch or Proxy (multiple)
    • Effective / Expired Date
    • Global or Subscriber based Register TTL
    • Programmable Nonce Live Time
    • Programmable Authentication Check Period
    • Programmable General Max Register Time
    • Programmable Max NAT Register Time
    SIP Outbound Proxy Server
    • Stateful Proxy Server
    • Support Call-based Authentication MD5/Radius
    • Sequential Call Forking
    • Parallel Call Forking (Programmable ring or answer)
    • Proxy Peering Support
    • Hierarchical Proxy Support
    • Subscriber / System based Response Timer (no 
      answer, first response)
    • Auto NAT User Detect
    Telephony Features
    • Call Transfer, Call Waiting, Call Hold
    • Unconditional, No Answer, Busy and Unavailable Call 
    • Calling Number Screening (Allowance List, Black List)
    • Outgoing Number Screening (Allowance Prefix, Black 
    • Call Hunting Group with Round Robin, Priority and 
      Max Idle Time method
    • Call Hunting Group with Dedicated Length
    • Ring All with First Ring Back Group Hunting
    • Ring All with First Answer Group Hunting
    • Flexible Digit Manipulation for ANI and DNIS
    • User Group Digit Manipulation
    • Caller ID Privacy
    • Emergency Call
    • Call Pickup
    • Find Me
    • Short Code
    • Do Not Distrub
    • Coloring Ring Back Tone Service*
    • Announcement Service*
    • VMS*
    • Miss Call Notify by Email
    Subscriber Management
    • Subscriber Access Control
    • Separate Web Password
    • User Group
    • Subscriber logon
    • Disallow NAT register
    NAT Traversal
    • NAT Traversal Support for Outbound and Inbound
    • Automatically NAT detection and RTP Proxy
    • External RTP Proxy Resource Support**
    • Preferred NAT Resource Server**
    • Support enhanced NAT Partition
    • Intelligent RTP Proxy Resource Management
    • Flat CDR File in Local Storage
    • RADIUS Billing Message Support
    • Support Redundant RADIUS Server
    • Radius Authorization Message for Prepaid Service
    • Call Disconnect for Prepaid User
    • Web/RS232/Console Port/Telnet Interface
    • Programmable Real Time Log (Module / Level)
    • System Event Log
    • HTTP / HTTPS Support
    • Password Security
    • FTP server
    • System event notify by email / syslog
    • User Account Manager
    • NTP time synchronization (SNTP V4)
    • Front LCD Panel for System Status and Management
    • Time Zone Support
    • Auto Daylight Saving
    • Customizable Time Zone
    • Secured provisional Interface
    Network Management
    • DHCP
    • Fixed IP
    • DNS, Dynamic DNS
    • Ping
    • SNMP V2 MIB I & II
    • SNMP get command, set command
    • SNMP Trap Support 
    System Capacity (Standard version)
    • Max Subscribers Support: 500
    • Max Concurrent Call: 100
    • Max Concurrent RTP Support for NAT user: 100
    System Capacity (Mini version)
    • Max Subscribers Support: 200
    • Max Concurrent Call: 50
    • Max Concurrent RTP Support for NAT user: 50
    User Manual
    • English User Guide

    * need external application server
    ** contact w for availability 

    Application Diagram