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NAT Embedded!
PSTN Supported (ATA-152)
ATA 151

The ATA-151/152 is a one-port telephone gateway with IP sharing function. There is no necessary to set up any extra device that the embedded NAT function can allow user¡¦s PC to gallop on internet via ATA-151/152 directly. Further more users can take advantage of many new and exciting IP telephony applications by connecting analog phone to ATA-151/152. It is standard-based communication device that deliver true, next generation voice-over-IP (VoIP) application to residences and small-to medium enterprise in internet communication environment.

Key Features

Physical interface
  1. RJ-45
    A. LAN X 1 for connecting to HUB or ATU-R directly
    B. PC X 1 for PC connection

  2. RJ-11
    Phone X 1 for regular phone connection
    PSTN X 1 for Dialing and Receiving PSTN call. (ATA-152 only)

  3. Power
    A. Voltage : DC 12 V
    B. Current : 1 A

  4. LED
    A. LAN: HUB link status indication
    B. PC: PC link status indication
    C. Status: VoIP status indication
    D. Power: Power status indication
    E. Phone: Analog phone status indication 

  5. Dimension: 9.9 X 9.9 X 3.2 cm

  • PPPoE (RFC 2516)
    • Account / password can be saved
    • Auto-reconnec tafter disconnection
  • DHCP client (for WAN port)
  • Static IP
    • IP / subnet mask / default gateway can be
      configured manually
  • DHCP Server and NAT
  • Qos:DSCP
  • Support SNTP 
  • Support Web, Telnet for remote control
    Username / Password for login to make configuration
  • SIP RFC 3261
    • Support backup proxy registration
    • Outbound proxy
    • Support IP or domain name for primary and
      secondary proxy address
    • Support Nortel SIP-Ping
Voice feature
  • Voice codec
    • G.711(A-law/μ-law)
    • G.723.1
    • G.729
    • G.711 FAX pass-through mode 
  • RTP / RTCP
  • Silence Detection/Suppression
  • Comfort Noise Generation
  • DTMF Generation
  • Call Tone Generation
    • Dial tone
    • Ring back tone
    • Busy tone
  • 12/16K Billing Tone Generation
Call function
  • Call Forwarding: Busy, No answer, Unconditional
  • Consultant and Blind Transfer
  • Call Hold
  • Call waiting
  • Calling Number Delivery(DTMF)
Firmware update / upgrading
  • TFTP / FTP / Web remote update
  • AC Power
    • 100~240V +-10V 
    • 50~60Hz +-3Hz
  • Environment 
    • Temprature 0°C~40°C
    • Hmidity: 0%~90%RH
System Management
  • Support Web Browser,Telnet,and w
    provision server
  • User name/password protection