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Billing VOIP- WellBilling 6600 (VOIP Billing Server)

Billing VOIP Introduction

WellBilling 6600, the standard billing voip server, is a high performance, reliabilities and scalable RADIUS billing voip server. It's flexible rate plan and reseller/subscriber features fulfill the requirements of service provider. With built-in prepaid and postpaid subscriber service, service provider can provide their time to market VOIP service. The billing voip server is the best shoot of a cost/effective solution.

Billing VOIP Key Features

  • RADIUS AAA Support
    *Authentication Message
    *Authorization Message
    *Billing Start/Stop Message
  • RFC 2865, 2866 Compliance with Selected Attributes
  • Up-to 500k subscribers support
  • Fully Web Management Interface
  • Support Prepaid/Postpaid User
  • Max Call Duration Protection
  • Immediate Response
  • Share Secret with MD5 Protection
  • Wellgate 5250 and WellSIP 6500 Full Interoperability
  • Automatic 6500 provision
  • Detail Access Log
  • Provide Basic Report
  • Prepaid Service
    *Real Time Balance Deduct
    *Subscriber/Reseller Recharge & Rollback
    *Recharge Log
    *Effective Date/Expired Date
    *PIN Code Generate and Consume
  • Postpaid Service
    *Call Detail Record Storage
    *Effective Date/Expired Date
    *CDR Report
  • Flexible Rate Plan Support
    *Up-to 5 Charge Segments per Rate Prefix
    *Effective Date/Expired Date
    *Longest Prefix Match
    *Programmable charge unit, amount and cycle
    *Support Per Call Charge
    *Call Screening
  • External Database support
    *Built-in DB Connection Pool management

    Billing VOIP Application