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Technical Support

The Asterisk had been supported by all series of W SIP products. Find out how W SIP products configure with Asterisk Proxy, please click here.

The document is describing the configuring manner of registering and communicating with Asterisk only. Please visit the official WEB of Asterisk directly for searching the related information if there is any question about the detail operating of Asterisk.

VoIP Gateway
WellGate 35XX(H.323) WellGate 35XX(SIP)
WellGate 37XX(H.323) WellGate 37XX(SIP)
WellGate 38XX(H.323) WellGate 38XX(SIP)
WellGate 1501(H.323) WellGate 1501(SIP)
IAD 161/162(H.323) IAD 161/162(SIP)
ATA 151/152(SIP) ATA 171/172(SIP)

LAN Phone
LAN Phone 101(H.323) LAN Phone 101(SIP)
LAN Phone 201(H.323) LAN Phone 201(SIP)
LAN Phone 302(SIP)

VoIP CO side equipment
WellGate 5200
WellGate 5250
WellSIP 6500 V1
WellSIP 6500 V2.1 / V2.0
WellSIP 6500 HA V2.1/ V2.0
SIPIVR 6800 V1
WellRTP 5100 V1
WellBilling 6600 V1
SIPCentrex 6850 V1.5
WellRecorder 5600 V1.0
WellBG 5800 V1.0

USB Sound Device
USB Phone
SkyDECT DU-100

Soft Phone

Application Note