Q1. Auto connect function of FXO gateway
I have several 38XX fxo gateways, and i m having a problem with them while they work with Asterisk. ( Device : WellGate-37XX ; CreateDate : 2006/05/04 )
Q2. Disable greeting and Display PSTN callerID
Hi, Im representing Silverline Group, a Romanian group of companies, headquartered in Cluj-Napoca. ( Device : WellGate-38XX ; CreateDate : 2006/04/24 )
Q3. Can SIP and H323 communicate with each other?
I have two Voip device. I want to configure voip in peer-to-peer mode.But i have one H323 CPE & other ( Device : WellGate-35XX ; CreateDate : 2006/03/20 )
Q4. What the [delay] and [idtime] and [eod] do?
Can you explain what the [delay] and [idtime] and [eod] do? ( Device : WellGate-35XX ; CreateDate : 2006/03/20 )
Q5. The difference between one-stage dialing and two-s
The difference between one-stage dialing and two-stage dialing. ( Device : WellGate-38XX ; CreateDate : 2006/03/16 )
Q6. Voice Quality is not good
When I make a call, both sides can hear voice. But the voice quality is bad sometimes. Can you ( Device : WellGate-35XX ; CreateDate : 2006/03/13 )
Q7. Codec error (g729) error between Asterisk proxy
We do use G729a from Digium on our Asterisk servers. Yes, we tried to set G729a on Wellgate and other ( Device : WellGate-35XX ; CreateDate : 2006/03/03 )
Q8. WG5250 User Guide
Thank you for a wonderfull product!! I am working through the user guide on the E4 gateway and I ( Device : WellGate-5250 ; CreateDate : 2006/02/06 )