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IP PBX 6200
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The W SIPPBX 6200 is an all in one IP-PBX which including PABX telephony service, Auto Attendant, Voice Mail, Enterprise Coloring Ring Back Tone, Conference, Announcement and VOIP router features together. The IP PBX system supports up-to 1000 subscribers and is a cost effective solution for small to large enterprise. Also the traveler soft-phone, operator console and billing software provides you a complete transition from traditional PABX to the new generation IP-PBX.

IP PBX Key Features

  • SIP RFC 3261 Compliance
  • Support G.711, G.729A, G.723.1, GSM
    Web-Base Auto Attendant Flow Editor
  • Scheduled Special Announcement
  • Holidays Working Time Support
  • Multiple Language Support
    Voice Mail
  • Web-Base Voice Mail Flow Editor
  • Personal Greeting
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Native TTS (Chinese & English & Japanese) Support
  • SIP Message Waiting Indication
  • Email Notify
  • Web Retrieve
  • Phone Retrieve
    Conference Bridge
  • Ad-Hoc Conference
  • Virtual Conference Room
  • Event Tone Notice
  • Up-to 16 Participants per Room
  • Quick Conference by Soft-phone
    Enhanced Service
  • System Announcement Service
  • Company-wide Coloring Ring Back Tone Service
    Voice Router
  • Public and Private IP Legs
  • SIP-Awared RTP Routing
  • Natural VOIP Firewall/NAT
    Selected Telephony Features
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Forward
  • Call Forwarded Notice
  • Call Screening
  • Caller ID Privacy
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Hold
  • Call Pickup (Global, Group)
  • Specified Call Pickup
  • Find Me
  • Short Code
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Miss Call Notify by Email
  • ANI Replacement
  • Call Return
  • Hide ANI/Show ANI Selection
  • Call Park/Retrieve
  • Call Camp on
  • Display Name Replaceme