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Disable greeting and Display PSTN callerID
Hi, Im representing Silverline Group, a Romanian group of companies, headquartered in Cluj-Napoca. Our networking department is testing some VoIP devices for providing PBX solutions for small and medium sized business¡¦s. One of our choices, for FXO equipment is WellGate 3804. I would like to connect 4 external PSTN lines into an Asterisk proxy over SIP protocol. I have some questions and Your help would be appreciated a lot. Is there any possibility to configure WellGate 3804 that not to auto answer an external call with a voice greeting ? I¡¦m interested in getting the CallerID from the PSTN line, signaling the call in Asterisk Proxy and pick-up the call from Asterisk SIP commands. (I would like to obtain something similar with Zapata telephony interface ) When will be the next version of firmware available ?

Yes, the FXO has two way to disable the greeting.
One is hotline, another is using a dial tone instead of the greeting.

And you said you also want to display the PSTN CallerID.
Actually, the FXO can display the PSTN CallerID, but it must match two conditions, the PSTN CallerID must be a FSK callerid and the FXO must under hotline mode.
The FXO only support FSK callerid, it does not support DTMF type, so please check it first before you test this case.

For example:
You can use below commands in your FXO port 1, so the FXO will hotline to a FXS or an auto attendant.
"line -config 1 hotline 123", where 1 is the FXO port 1 and 123 is the destination number.
So the FXO port 1 will dial to 123 directlly when it got a PSTN incoming call.

Then you need to enable the FSK callerid by "sysconf -callerid 1" or "sysconf -callerid 2" command, "sysconf -callerid 1" is for Bellcore and "sysconf -callerid 2" is for ETSI. I suggest your try both commands for test...

For more information about FXO caller id detection, please go to:

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