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what the [delay] and [idtime] and [eod] do?
Can you explain what the [delay] and [idtime] and [eod] do?

For example, you pick up the handset of the traditional PSTN at your home.
The Co side will send the call signal to your phoneset and you can hear dial tone then start to dial...
The same situation for FXO device.
When 38 get a number for one-satge dialing, the FXO port will open channel and wait a while for the call signal from PSTN side, and then start dialing the destination number.
Some traditional PABX may send the call signal too late, and maybe the called number will be droped and incomplete. So we add this function can let user decide the delay time by himself to avoid this [number incomplete] problem.
The default delay time is [1].

When you dial a number, there should be a duration between digit to digit.
The [idtime] indicate to the "duration".
The default [idtime] is 3.
E.g., The FXO get a PSTN incoming call, it will paly a greeting by default, and user should dial the destination number.
If the duration between digit to digit is more than 3, the FXO will start to dial the number no matter this number is complete or not.

The traditional PSTN has a [number length routing] function, so the call will be sent immeditately if the prefix and number length is matched with the telecoms policy.
But the welltech products does not have such function. The call will be sent depend on the [idtime].
The [idtime] default is 3. So the number will be sent after 3 seconds if you make a call from welltech device. It may take to long time, so we adds this command to let the Welltech device can send the call immeditately. The default [eod] is enabled and the default [eod] key is [#]. If you wanna send a call from welltech device, you can press the [#] sign after dialing the phone number, so the call will be sent immeditately from welltech device.

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