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VOIP Recorder

WellRec 5600 is a dedicate VoIP recorder for W SIP network architecture. Just simply setting the subscriber or the target list to be logged in WellSIP 6500 voip recorder, WellRec 5600 voip recorder will do the recording on demand no matter incoming call or outgoing call. Through the web interface, administrators can easily search and play the recorded VOIP call anywhere. It provides a very cost/effective solution to meet your VOIP logging service.

WellRec 5600 voip recorder can also be a lawful interception or voice monitor system.
Administrator can monitor the conversation real time either by recording channel
or selected subscriber without any delay.

VOIP Recorder Key Features

  • Full Integrated with WellSIP 6500
  • Subscriber Based Voice Recording for Incoming and Outgoing Calls
  • Fully Web Management Interface
  • Support G.723, G.729, G.711 decode
  • MP3 Compression for Storage and Play Back
  • Separate Caller and Caller voice tracks
  • Easy Search by Calling Number, Called number, Date or Time
  • Public Caller and Called Signal IP Address and Port Tracking
  • Lawful Interception or call monitoring
    * Subscriber based interception
    * Selectable both, caller or called voice
    * Interception with local recording
    * Support multiple supervisors
    * Supervisor based interception list
    * Up-to 32 interception target for each supervisor
  • Encrypted or mal-formatted RTP voice stream can be kept for off-line process
  • Recorded Call History for subscriber, supervisor or administrator
  • User Management
  • Physical Dimension
    * 19" Rack Mount 2U
    * 483mm/88mm/450mm(W/H/D)
  • Processor and Storage
    * CPU: Intel P4 2.4GHz
    * RAM: 1G Bytes
    *HD: SATA 120GB * 3 (RAID 5)
  • System Capacity
    * Up-to 30,000 hours storage
    * 16/32 channels.