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WellGate 5250 is not only a VOIP trunk gateway but also a UNIVERSAL VOIP GATEWAY. It navigates the calls in between H.323, SIP and PSTN freely, not simple PSTN to VOIP calls or vice verse. By providing both route and unroute VOIP to VOIP calls, Wellgate 5250 can be used to implement SIP and H.323, SIP and SIP, H.323 and H.323 calls easily. It increases more revenues and protects your investment.

Wellgate 5250 supports PSTN and VoIP (H.323/SIP) side prepaid and postpaid service. It provides a built-in practical internal AAA service for small deployment and also an external RADIUS interface for large deployment. By integrated with built-in PSTN and VOIP IVR (Interactive Voice Response), service provider can implement their service easily without limitation. A web-based voice prompt management GUI is also provides to simplify the deployment of IVR related service.


Protocol and Standard
  • H.323 protocol support
    • ITUT H.323 v3 and H.450 compliance
    • H.245 tunneling
    • Fast Connect selectable for incoming/ 
  • SIP protocol support
    • SIP RFC 3261 compliance
    • SIP RFC 3264 (Offer/ Answer)
    • SIP call on hold
    • SIP Overload Redirect
    • SIP Transfer (unattended)
    • SIP Transfer (attend)
    • SIP TCP Support
    • SIP TUP Support
  • H.323 Gatekeeper Support
    • Gatekeeper Register
    • Direct call
    • Routed call
    • Light weight RRQ
    • Gatekeeper call only
  • SIP Proxy Server Support
    • SIP Outbound Proxy
    • SIP Redirect Server
    • SIP Registrar Server
    • Redundant SIP Proxy Server
    • Auto fail over
LAN Interface
  • 10/100Base-T Ethernet ports x 2 (host & RTP)
  • Up to 4 programmable T1/E1 (120 Ohm-RJ48C 
PSTN Signaling
  • E1 ISDN PRI Support
    • Euro ISDN, Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, New 
      Zealand, QSIC
  • E1 SS7 ISUP Support *
  • E1 CAS DTMF/ R2
    • Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, China, 
      Czech-Republic, Egypt, India, Indonesia, 
      Israel, ITU, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, 
      Philippines, Thailand, Uruguay, Venezuela, 
      RomTelcom country variances
  • T1 ISDN PRI Support
    • NI2, 5ESS 10,DMS100, NTT (INS-1500), Hong 
      Kong, QSIC
  • T1 CAS Support
    • E&M Bell Core Feature Group D, Wink Start, 
      E&M Delay Start, E&M Feature Group A 
      Immediate Start, E&M Feature Group B Wink 
      Start, E&M Feature Group D Wink Start(ANI 
      B4 ADDR), E&M Feature Group D Wink Start, 
      E&M Immediate Start, E&M Wink Start, 
      Ground Start FXO, Ground Start FXS, Loop 
      Start FXO, Loop Start FXS
Trunk Spans
  • 1,2, 4(T1/E1s) per chassis
FAX Support
  • Automatic voice/fax detection
  • T.38 fax relay based on H.323 Annex D
  • SIP T.38 fax relay
  • Up to G3 FAX (up to 14400bps)
  • ECM Support
  • T.38 during fast connect
  • Redundant T.38 packet (0-2)
  • Transparent mode
  • CISCO compatible
  • G.711A/μ-law, G.723.1(5.3k/6.3k), G.729A
Call Type Support
  • Dynamic call type support by call flow editor
  • H.323 to H.323 Call
  • H.323 to H.323 Fax Relay
  • H.323 to PSTN Call
  • H.323 to SIP Call
  • H.323 to SIP Fax Relay
  • PSTN to H.323 Call
  • PSTN to PSTN Call
  • PSTN to SIP Call
  • SIP to H.323 Call
  • SIP to PSTN Call
  • SIP to SIP Call
  • SIP to SIP Fax Relay
  • VoIP to VoIP RTP un-Routed
  • VoIP to VoIP RTP Routed
Dial Plan
  • Support P2P H.323/SIP Call
  • Mixed SIP, P2P, Gatekeeper Call
  • Build-in Phone Book
  • P2P Prefix Routing
  • Digits Manipulation
  • ISDN Dial Plan by Prefix
Voice Quality
  • VAD (Voice Activity Detection)
  • CNG (Comfort Noise Generation)
  • Support G.168 echo cancellation (32/64/128 ms)
  • Configurable audio payload size & adaptive Jitter 
  • Support silence suppression
  • Gain control
Console port
  • RS-232 port
DTMF Transmission
  • Transparent
  • H.245 signal/ Alphanumeric
  • H.323 Q.931 UUI
  • RFC 2833
Built-in IVR & call-flow controller
  • Web-based GUI Drag and Drop interface
  • Full control of call behavior (one-stage or two-stage 
  • PSTN / VoIP IVR functions
  • Support time duration and balance play back 
    (Chinese & English)
  • Powerful call information branch
  • Collected information validation
Front Panel Display
  • LED status: Power/ DOM/ System
  • Front panel LCD (2 lines X 16) status display
Enhance Service
  • ANI/ DNIS access List
  • PSTN/ VoIP two stage dialing
  • Intelligent PSTN call routing (random, round robin, 
  • In-trunk hunting method (cyclic, random, rotary, 
    reverse cyclic, reverse rotary)
  • ANI/ DNIS replacement
Maintenance and Network Management
  • Console port, TELNET and Web Browser
  • Front panel LCD
  • Time zone support
  • User account management
  • System Status
  • Full Web management interface & real time monitor
  • FTP/ HTTP/HTTPS server
  • Password Security
  • SNMP v2 (H.341)/Trap support
  • Support Fixed IP and DHCP
  • Support DNS and Dynamic DNS
  • Support RADIUS Authentication/ Authorization/ 
    Accounting message
  • Support redundant RADIUS server
  • Support PSTN/ VoIP prepaid service
  • Real time call disconnect based on AAA
  • Almost expired tone notice
Embedded AAA
  • Embedded prepaid/ postpaid service
  • Prefix Flat rate support
  • Point/ second calculation
  • Second/ point calculation
  • Auto Disable/ Clean user
  • 90~240V auto switch
Operation Temp.
  • 0°C to 60°C
Relative Humidity
  • 5% to 95%
  • Dimension: 483mm(L) x 450mm(W) x 44mm(H)
  • 1U Rack mounted
  • Weight (unit): 7.425 kg
  • Color: Black
* Required additional license and external SIU for SS7 ISUP.
Redundant is supported by both SIU and WG5250. Contact W
for detail.

Order Information

Model Number

WellGate 5250-1
  • One E1/T1 trunk
WellGate 5250-4
  • Four E1/T1 trunks

Application Diagram